Break Bulk Cargo

A Case Study

25,000 MT of steel coils were required to be transported to North America from an Indian Port.

This would sound routine for a logistics company. Except, we had to work under conditions of extreme weather & still be bound by a time-frame

The lifting of these coils were to happen during the peak of monsoon season in India.
Water stains could severely damage the coils.

10 Minutes
Time required to lift a single coil.
This is a job that requires extreme patience and careful planning

Planning & Time Management were the key to overcome the constraints.

We presented to the client the total number of days required
for the shipment to reach North America.

The coils could be lifted to the vessel only in AGW (All Good Weather) conditions. Due to monsoons, we could do this task intermittently. Such was the weather that vessel was in anchorage for 10 days.

This Break Bulk Cargo reached its North American destination in 63 days from the time we took over this project.


Planning for Time

Allowing for a maximum of 55 to 65 days for port-to-port delivery,
we added a buffer time of 20 days.
In this manner, we were able to deliver the shipment in 64 days

Equipment/Manpower utilised

Heavy Duty Cranes, Forklifts, Gang (of labourers)

* Pictures are for representation purpose only. These are not actual pictures from the project.