A Case Study

A European Car Manufacturer wanted to showcase their superior range of luxury and sports cars in an Indian Auto Show.

The cars had a window of only 1 month for returning back to the headquarters in Europe. 5 cars were to be showcased at the Exhibition in India. However, they were to arrive at the European headquarters only 45 days prior to the India event as they were to be showcased at a USA auto show.

Concept Car

Only 1 prototype of the concept car was made. The value of the concept car in terms of money and prestige for the auto-maker was enormous. The concept car was supposed to be the highlight of the new design philosophy of the brand.

The European car makers had already created huge buzz in Indian media in anticipation of the car models they were going to showcase. Any slip-up or no-show of the cars would cause huge embarrassment to the highly reputed European auto major.

They wanted to be 100% sure about their Logistics Partner for this purpose. They were aware of an incident of a peer motor company which took place 1 year ago in another Asian motor show. Their peer’s exhibition cars reached the venue on the 2nd day of the exhibition which led to huge embarrassment for that particular company.

They required their logistic partner to address them with all plans and schedules towards each stage of the transportation and customs clearance process.


We devised a process flow chart of all the activities involved in this exhibition cargo

Planning & Scheduling

Understand the points we kept in mind while planning & scheduling

Documentation & Detailing

Understand the documentations required & how our expertise in various areas helped ensure smooth functioning of this project

  • Carnet Open (Issue of Carnet)

  • Ground Transport in Europe

  • Car in Container

  • Tracking Shipment on way to India

  • Custom Clearance in India

  • Ground Transport in India

  • Cargo at Exhibition

  • Return Procedure from India

  • Shipment on return journey to Europe

  • Carnet Final Closing in Europe

Pro-Active Approach

With custom clearance and documentation, we followed a pro-active approach. Everything possible which could create an impediment to the smooth & especially, timely, clearance was taken into consideration. We worked on all these possibilities and created a comprehensive report for timely custom clearance.

List of all Delay Possibilities

In our planning stage, we had envisioned the entire process. We came up with 25 critical activities which could have delayed the process. Even minute details such as number of spare keys was looked into at this stage of planning.

Detailed Plan Bs

Not only did we document the entire plan, but we went a step ahead and made a detailed plan B. All possibilities and interim planning came into the picture here. Contingency plans for alternate mode of transport from transit locations was also formulated in case we faced any delays or extended halts.

Network of Operations
Specialised Service
Custom Clearance Capabilities
Planning Expertise

The Carnet formed the most important document for temporary license and custom clearance in Europe and India. We ensured that no elementary mistakes were made with respect to the opening and closing of carnet. The plan & procedures for the storage and purpose of shipment of cars was completely followed.

Thus, we minimised all delay possibilities by planning for all stages. We delivered the exhibition cargo safely to the venue and then, back to Europe.

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